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Acrylic Resin/Amino Resin

YUTA Resin

Welcome new partners around the world to join Yu-Ta's family. We have a professional technical and marketing team to serve customers, and we provide customers the appropriate products and technology depending on their needs.To cooperate, to expand, and to create the ''Blue ocean''      

No.1, Zili St., Yanshui Dist., Tainan City 73742, Taiwan

TEL:06-6532110    0905721977 
North Taiwan:0937-815-151    0975-767-977
Middle Taiwan:0921-240-653    0905-237-977
Southern Taiwan:0928-142-367    0966-601-977   

Email: service@yutar.com (Please add [6530941] in front of your mail's subject to prevent  your mail from sinking in Junk mails.)


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